Our Services

SUPPORT SERVICES ON ENTERPRISE NETWORK SOLUTIONS: Modern corporate users of telecommunications services are experiencing the biggest-ever need for corporate networks, due to the rapidly spreading use if IT and communications applications and the increasing role of these applications in our everyday business and companies.

our support for Enterprise networks make it easy and convenient to build great corporate networks for both data and voice, providing excellent connections between separated corporate LAN, WAN and PABX’s to connect corporate divisions like offices, production plants, warehouses, e.t.c

FIBRE OPTICS PRODUCTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES: This segment provides network solutions to customers in the telecommunications and cable television industries. Here we design, installation, repair and maintain fiber optic cables used for video, data and voice transmission. our network infrastructure Unit specializes in the products and service listed below

Products Sales:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Optical Patch Panels
  • Patch Cords
  • Fiber Couplers and Connectors
  • Pigtails
  • Rack Mount Closures
  • Splice Enclosures
  • Optical Distribution Hub
  • Optical Distribution Frames
  • Digital Distribution Frames
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • .

LINE OF SITE, PATH AND TECHNICAL SITE SURVEY: Our expertise in Microwave Line of site survey includes detailed path engineering analysis, well documented survey reports and project management. With our highly skilled professionals with international exposures, on the job training and practice, we also engage in services such as:

  • RF Survey and Planning
  • RF Network Optimization
  • Drive Test
  • Power Requirement Site Survey

MICROWAVE FIELD SUPPORT SERVICE: Teltwine can conduct comprehensive and detailed acceptance test procedures (ATP) on behalf of our clients for microwave radio installations.

(Satellite and Terrestrial)

Our ATP services include:

  • Frequency Band clearing
  • Cable Sweep Test
  • Power test using power meters
  • RSL Readings
  • Bit Error rate test on microwave system

INDOOR SOLUTIONS: Our Indoor solution services provide high performance, quality coverage extension equipment and services to the global wireless market. We also provide support services for DAS (distributed antenna systems) on complex multi-standard and multioperator systems. Our offering includes a wide range of products like Repeaters and Fiber-fed DAS for all global wireless standards including 4G, Public Safety and PMR. Our solutions
support open source O&M platform with IP-communication, web based control system and SNMP based alarm forwarding, which provides real time supervision for all Network elements and allows easy integration in existing customer NMS.

We can extend wireless local area network coverage’s and help SOHO LAN’s share their internet subscription through our CDMA EVDO/ HSPUA/HSDPA /GSM routers with WIFI

ACCESS CONTROL AND SECURITY SURVEILLANCE: Teltwine Networks designs, installs,
and maintains access control systems to meet the exacting requirements of our challenging
marketplace. We provide an integrated approach to access control management.



POWER SYSTEMS: We supply and install power systems ranging from DC rectifiers, stabilizers, transformers and even Mini Dc rectifiers to Portable -48/ -24 AC-DC converters. Power surge suppressors and Ethernet surge suppressors

TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS: Our transmission systems are mostly applicable in areas such as:

Connection of local exchanges to the network with appropriate capacity radio, from 2xE1 to 63xE1 or 2-8Mbps or STM-1 interface/ Data rates as the case may be. Provision of high speed data connection to xDSL concentrators where no fiber is available. 4-100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, or up to 900Mbits Gigabit Ethernet into single port equipments could be sourced from reputable equipment manufacturers for connections of large/demanding customers where an existing cable network is not available, a combined solution consisting of a mix of data and voice interfaces is typically a cost-saving and preferable option.

VSATS – Our repertoire of experienced microwave Engineers and installers provides installation service for both terrestrial and satellite microwave telecommunications equipment on diverse equipment manufacturer platforms with emphasis on our Global system for mobile telecommunications (GSM) clients. Our expertise span builds up and maintenance of VSAT back haul for Telco’s


  • Networks Design
  • Detailed Survey and Data Collection
  • Civil works, Pulling, Protection
  • Installation (Termination, Splicing)
  • Establishing of all maps, drawings with AutoCAD System

This unit also engages in emergency restoration services, including repairing
telecommunications infrastructure damaged by inclement weather. The services provided under
this segment also include cable re- location, splicing and testing of fiber optic networks and
residential installation of fiber optic cabling.

CELLULAR INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT: We are involved in turnkey site build
procedures as listed below.

  • Site acquisition and preparation including soil testing
  • Civil engineering including foundation works and fencing
  • Tower installation including the running of RF and microwave cables
  • Shelter assembly and retrofitting including electrical and air-condition fittings and alarm
  • Transformer Installations and Connection to National GRID
  • Generators installation including change over switch and NEPA to site
  • BTS installation, including RF antenna
  • Rectifiers and batteries installations and commissioning